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Another Breakthrough from Veeco  - Lower Cost LEDs – Faster LED Adoption
AIX G5+ AIXTRON – GaN on Si 5x200mm
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OLED Works Launches OLED Panel Platform on Flexible Glass

In a much anticipated and often discussed possibility in OLEDs, OLEDWorks LLC announced the availability of the Wave, which the company boasts is the first commercially available OLED (organic light-emitting diode) lighting platform on flexible glass. [caption id="attachment_476160" align="alignnone" width="600"] OLEDWorks introduced the Wave OLED panel platform on Corning's flexible…

MCC Wins Infringement Litigation in China Concerning Red Phosphor Patents

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) of Tokyo, Japan reported that on October 30, in the company's first patent litigation against Yantai Shield Advanced Materials, it obtained a judgment recognizing the company's infringement of its patent for red phosphor in China. This litigation involves the basic patent for red phosphor called CASN,…

Epistar Merges Four Investment Holding Company Subsidiaries

Taiwan LED manufacturer, Epistar, reports that the company has chosen to merge four wholly-owned offshore subsidiaries to streamline group structure. Specifically, Epistar announced that it is merging four off-shore investment holding companies, Epistar JV Holding (BVI) Co., Ltd., UEC Investment Ltd., HUGA Holding (BVI) Limited, and Bee Rich Corporation. Epistar…

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Applying Fixture vrs. Area-based Controls for Lighting
Guest Editorial By: David Parrett, director of product marketing at Cortet, a firm specializing in smart building IoT technologies   If you’re considering a move to networked lighting…
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Contintental Debuts Virtual A-Pillar to Eliminate Forward Blind Spots

Automotive technology firm Continental has developed the Virtual A-Pillar. The Virtual A-Pillar is an OLED display and camera system in the front support pillars making them virtually “see through.” The front support pillars, known as A-pillars, anchor the windshield and the beginning foundation of the vehicle’s roof. However, A-pillars can …

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KAIST Simulation Shows Potential Path to Extremely Efficient OLEDs

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology systematically achieved an external quantum efficiency of 50% or higher in OLED simulations that use only an external scattering medium instead of a macroscopic lens or complex internal structuring. They used a combination of simulation and actual testing to obtain …

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University of Houston Researchers Use Machine Learning to Identify Potential Phosphor Compounds

Researchers from the University of Houston have demonstrated the use of machine learning to identify promising phosphor compounds. Rare-earth substituted inorganic phosphors form a critical light color conversion component for solid state lighting. Traditionally, trial and error has been the method for discovering inorganic phosphors. The researchers used a machine …

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