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Sansi North America Displays Supplies Custom Display Solution for Athletic Apparel Brand Headquarters

Sansi North America (SNA) Displays, a maker of custom LED displays and lighting solutions, recently finished installing a series of interior LED video displays for the US headquarters of the world’s largest athletic apparel brand (not specifically named, but probably NIKE). The unique project features 13 LED displays suspended from …

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Macroblock to Release First High Integration Driver IC for Micro-LED and Ultra Fine-pitch LED Displays

Taiwan-based firm Macroblock announced its latest highly integrated drive IC- MBI5359 at the 2017 Macroclock LED display China Seminar. According to Macroblock, the MBI5359 is the first driver IC that can be used for both ultra fine-pitch and micro-LED displays. The company says that adopting MBI5359 can enable LED display …

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