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Bridgelux Refutes Everlight Patent Lawsuit

Bridgelux has come out with a news release that refutes the claims of the Everlight patent infringement lawsuit against the company in the United States. According to Bridgelux, its 2835 surface mount device (SMD) products incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide unprecedented performance at competitive prices. Furthermore, Bridgelux says that its …

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Seoul Resolves Patent Lawsuit Against Kmart

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. reported that they resolved patent litigation that the company filed against Kmart Corporation on behalf of Seoul and The Regents of the University of California. Seoul filed the patent case in U.S. Federal District Court. The case asserted infringement of eight …

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Nitride Semiconductor Files Infringement Lawsuit Against Rayvio

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On May 23, 2017, Nitride Semiconductor of Tokushima, Japan, filed a patent infringement complaint against Rayvio Corporation based in Haywood, California. The company filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit alleges that Rayvio’s UV-LEDs infringe Nitride Semiconductor’s patent related to …

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Seoul Semiconductor not Done in Patent Fight with Everlight

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. reported that on April 28, 2017, the company’s German subsidiary Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH (“Seoul”) filed a patent infringement complaint at the District Court of Düsseldorf in Germany against Mouser Electronic Inc. The complaint accused Mouser of selling Everlight LED products that infringe its U.S. patents. In …

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Cree Debuts NX Technology Platform and XD LEDs

Cree Inc., of Durham, North Carolina USA, announced the company’s new NX technology platform. Cree says that the NX technology will power its next generation of lighting-class LEDs. The new NX technology platform incorporates advances in a number of components and technologies including simpler manufacturing processes, new package designs, and …

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LEDiL Releases New Optics Portfolio

LEDiL Oy of Norway has introduced a new optics portfolio including Strada, Carmen, and Florence products. CARMEN The firm released the CARMEN optic for track, retail, general indoor, and outdoor architectural lighting. The CARMEN features a new hybrid lens and reflector design. According to LEDiL the CARMEN’s design reduces glare, protects …

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