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Bridgelux Refutes Everlight Patent Lawsuit

Bridgelux has come out with a news release that refutes the claims of the Everlight patent infringement lawsuit against the company in the United States. According to Bridgelux, its 2835 surface mount device (SMD) products incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide unprecedented performance at competitive prices. Furthermore, Bridgelux says that its …

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Cambridge Nanotherm Lauches DMS Material for UV LEDs

Cambridge Nanotherm of Haverhill, UK launched Nanotherm DMS, a unique direct-metallized single-sided thermal management solution for UV LED modules. The company notes that high-power UV LEDs pose a significant thermal challenge. Often only about 5 percent of the power going to a UV-C LED gets converted to photons. For the …

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Bridgelux Introduces Vesta Series Tunable White and Dim-to-Warm Arrays

Bridgelux Vesta Series Tunable White and Dim-to-Warm Arrays

Bridgelux of Fremont, California USA, has launched the Vesta Series platform of tunable white and dim-to-warm products during LIGHTFAIR International this week. The company says it created the Vesta Series to bring the latest tunable technology and adaptable lighting to healthcare, hospitality, and retail applications The Vesta™ Series Tunable White Arrays …

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New Joint Venture Cree Venture LED Company Combines Cree and San’an Opto

U.S.-based LED maker Cree, Inc. announced it is forming a joint venture with Chinese firm San’an Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to produce and deliver mid-power lighting class, packaged LEDs. Cree reports that the exclusive arrangement will serve the expanding markets of Europe, North and South America, and Japan. The venture will …

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Larson Electronics Launches Rugged UV LED Light Source

Larson Electronics, an industrial grade lighting equipment specialist, reported the release of a 132-watt ultraviolet LED light source that offers extreme durability and high output. The new LEDLB-44E-UV-400NM ultraviolet LED light bar draws 132 watts of power from a 12-volt electrical system to produce 176 mW/cm². This light bar can …

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U.S. Aircraft Maker Orders SMD LED Modules from Bright LED

Taiwan-based LED packaging service provider Bright Led Electronics reports that it has received orders from a U.S. aircraft maker for SMD (surface mount device) LED lighting modules used in airplane cabins, according to a Digitimes article. Bright LED began small-volume shipments of the SMD LEDs to the aircraft maker at …

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Tridonic Improves SLE Module Line

Tridonic improves SLE module line

Tridonic of Dornbirn, Austria upgraded the LED chips of its sixth generation SLE LED modules. The company also expanded the SLE LED module’s color palette. The ART, FOOD and FASHION colors are each optimized for a particular application. Tridonic has added the TINGE light color to the previously released ART, …

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