UV Curing

Osram and Four Partners Collaborate on UV Power Project as Part of Advanced UV for Life Consortium

Beginning in February 2017, Osram has worked with four partners including research institutes and companies on a project called “UV Power.”  The “UV Power” project is a collaborative project for which the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides funding. For the project, Osram and the partners have …

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Phoseon Launches FireJet FJ601 UV LED Curing Solution

Phoseon Technology released its newest product, the FireJet™ FJ601 UV LED curing solution. The new UV-curing solution simplifies retrofits with a self-contatined air-cooled design, according to marketing communications manager Marine Faucher. Phoseon says that the FireJet FJ601 is perfect for rotary screen, flexographic, and web offset applications. The FireJet FJ601 …

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Larson Electronics Launches Rugged UV LED Light Source

Larson Electronics, an industrial grade lighting equipment specialist, reported the release of a 132-watt ultraviolet LED light source that offers extreme durability and high output. The new LEDLB-44E-UV-400NM ultraviolet LED light bar draws 132 watts of power from a 12-volt electrical system to produce 176 mW/cm². This light bar can …

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Phoseon Increases Peak Intensity of FireJet UV Curing Solution

Phoseon FireJet FJ100 UV curing solution

Phoseon Technology of Hillsboro, Oregon USA, reported that it increased the peak intensity of its FireJet™ FJ100 LED LED curing solution up to 12W/cm2, a 50% increase. According to Phoseon, the FireJet FJ100 provides a perfect blend of power and size for high-intensity curing in space constrained environments. The company targets the FireJet …

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Phoseon Partners with LED Specialists Inc. and Enters Life Sciences Market

Phoseon Technology of Hillsboro, Oregon USA, announced an agreement with LED Specialists, Inc. Over the past three years, LED Specialists has been integrating UV LED lamps in industrial curing applications. Now, with this North American relationship, LED Specialists will bundle Phoseon LED technology to meet various UV curing requirements. In …

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