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Lumileds Luxeon Color
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Lumileds Releases High-Power Luxeon IR Family

San Jose-based LED maker Lumileds introduced a family of high power infrared (IR) emitters. The company designed the IR emitters to address the broad range of rapidly growing IR applications. Applications for the IR LEDs include facial recognition/iris and gesture scanning, machine vision, wearable health monitors, night vision cameras, and…

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Sensor Feedback May Be the Answer to LED Degradation and Color Shift Over Time
LEDs gradually fade in intensity, and they also shift in color over time. How quickly their brightness declines and their color shifts depends on the LEDs and their operating environment. The…
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Luxeon Color

Universal Display to Supply UniversalPHOLED Material to EverDisplay

Universal Display Corporation of Ewing, New Jersey USA, a maker of displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED® technology and materials, reported that the company has reached an OLED evaluation agreement with EverDisplay Optronics (Shanghai) Limited (和辉光电). Under the agreement, Universal Display (UDC) will supply its UniversalPHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials for …

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Researchers Grow Nanocrystals Using Patterned Wafers; See Potential for Displays

Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) researchers worked with colleagues at the University of Linz (Austria) to develop a method for the producing semi-conducting nanocrystals of defined size based on perovskite material. These crystals are extremely stable (unlike some other perovskite materials). This stability ensures that LEDs made from the material exhibit …

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Macroblock to Release First High Integration Driver IC for Micro-LED and Ultra Fine-pitch LED Displays

Taiwan-based firm Macroblock announced its latest highly integrated drive IC- MBI5359 at the 2017 Macroclock LED display China Seminar. According to Macroblock, the MBI5359 is the first driver IC that can be used for both ultra fine-pitch and micro-LED displays. The company says that adopting MBI5359 can enable LED display …

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