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Another Breakthrough from Veeco  - Lower Cost LEDs – Faster LED Adoption
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AIX G5+ AIXTRON – GaN on Si 5x200mm

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Osram Debuts Eviyos Prototype Hybrid LED Chip with 1024 Individually Controllable Pixels for Automotive Headlights

Osram Opto Semiconductors has developed the Eviyos prototype hybrid LED. The hybrid prototype combines a light emitting chip and individual pixel control electronics. According to the company, the prototype is the first ever hybrid LED and it embodies major progress toward the first market-ready smart controllable high-resolution LED. Once oncoming…
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DetaiLED Solutions and Infiled USA Settle with NanoLumens

NanoLumens of Atlanta, Georgia USA, the creators of interactive LED visualization solutions, and DetaiLED Solutions LLC, and Infiled USA, providers of customized technology solutions using LED displays, reported that they have reached a settlement agreement. NanoLumens has agreed to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit against the two companies. DetaiLED Solutions…

glo Orders AIX G5+ MOCVD System to Produce Micro-LEDs

Aixtron SE, announced that Swedish-American micro-LED maker glō-USA, Inc. has purchased an AIX G5+ MOCVD system. The group plans to commercialize micro-LED (mLED) products utilizing their proprietary defect-free GaN nanowires technology. glo-USA says such 3D structures permit the growth of mLEDs while maintaining the reliability of an inorganic material system.…

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Sensor Feedback May Be the Answer to LED Degradation and Color Shift Over Time
LEDs gradually fade in intensity, and they also shift in color over time. How quickly their brightness declines and their color shifts depends on the LEDs and their operating environment. The…
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Seoul Lawsuit Alleges Archipelago Lighting Infringed Acrich Patents

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. reported that on Sept. 19, 2017, that it filed a patent infringement lawsuit with its affiliate, Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd., against Archipelago Lighting, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. In its infringement complaint, Seoul alleges that Archipelago Lighting is selling …

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Skin Exposure to 293nm UV Light Found to be More Efficient than Sunlight in Promoting Vitamin D3 Production

Skin exposure to ultraviolet light is known to have both beneficial and negative health consequences depending on cumulative time of exposure. Some of the adverse effects associated with repeated, long, and cumulative exposure include premature aging of the skin, DNA damage, and a much greater risk of Melanoma (skin cancer). …

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YUNGU Technology Orders Orbotech AOI Solutions for Flexible OLED Gen 6 Fab

Orbotech Ltd. of Yavne, Israel a supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the fabrication of electronics, reported that YUNGU (Gu’an) Technology Co., LTD has selected its end-to-end automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions for its new flexible OLED Gen 6 fab. Visionox, a Chinese flat panel display (FPD) producer supported …

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