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Lextar to Move Packaging Capacity from Taiwan to Eastern China

Lextar Electronics, a vertically integrated company based in Taiwan, announced plans to move part of LED packaging capacity from Taiwan to its factory in Suzhou, eastern China, according to a Digitimes article. The company intends the relocation, which is scheduled for the end of June 2016, to reduce production cost.…

Sony to Debut Ultra-fine LED Display Technology Sony has launched a new type of LED display. Conventional LED displays that are just LED backlit or employ thousands of RGB surface mounted LEDs close together. However the new system uses what Sony is calling ultra-fine LEDs that are interspersed on a black surface. The tiny RGB LEDs…

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Occupancy Sensors Not All the Same
Occupancy sensors can help save energy by automatically turning off lights when areas are not occupied. However, not all occupancy sensors are the same. Also, improper settings and placements of…
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Luxeon Color

Taiwan Baseball Stadium Features LED Display from Delta

Delta has installed a full-color, outdoor LED display for Hualien Baseball Stadium, Taiwan. Fu Kun-chi, County Magistrate, invited the Delta Displays team to install the giant high-definition LED display. The Delta display features 16mm pitch. It provides a brightness of up to 6,000 nits and has 4000:1 contrast ratio. The …

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Osram Solves Color Perception Issue in XY Color Diagram

Osram claims to have solved an issue with white light perception that has confounded lighting designers for 85 years. White LEDs can have exactly the same color coordinates within the CIE 1931 2-degree xy color diagram, but can look different to an observer. 
According to Osram, this problem is caused …

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Full Sail University Gets Daktronics Display

Full Sail University asked Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, to design, manufacture and install an outdoor LED video display. Daktronics completed the display for the university’s 210-plus-acre campus in Winter Park, Florida. It features Daktronics 8mm outdoor pixel pitch using 3-in-1 Surface-Mount Device (SMD) LED technology. Thus far, Full Sail …

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