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LG Innotek Launches 70mW UV-C LED

LG Innotek introduces 70mW UV-C LED (6060 series)

LG Innotek of Seoul, South Korea, announced that the company developed the first 70mW UV-C LED. The firm created the LED for sterilization applications. According to the company, the UV-C LED’s sterilization performance is 1.5 times higher than their competitor’s 45mW module. The UV-C LED produces short wavelength ultraviolet rays …

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HexaTech to Supply AlN Substrates for UV LED R & D at Osram Opto

HexaTech Inc. of Morrisville, North Carolina USA, reported that the firm signed two strategic agreements with Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, of Regensburg, Germany. The agreements include a long-term contract for HexaTech to supply its aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates, licensing of certain HexaTech intellectual property (IP), and support of HexaTech’s 2” …

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Osram Opto to Coordinate FLINGO Project

Osram Opto Semiconductors has announced the launch of the FLINGO project to develop new materials particularly layers and processes to improve the durability and efficiency of LEDs. The company will serve as project coordinator working with four partners from research and industry. Osram Opto Semiconductors says that it is collaborating …

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Rohm Releases Ultra-Compact Reflector Type Three-Color LED

Rohm Semiconductor of Kyoto, Japan, has recently announced the availability of an ultra-compact reflector-type red, blue, and green LED. The company optimized the new RGB emitter for consumer devices including matrix light sources for wearables, gaming, signage, and displays that demand increased miniaturization. Previously Rohm introduced its compact high brightness …

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Thermal Management Solution From Cambridge Nanotherm Addresses Needs of CSP LEDs

Cambridge Nanotherm of London reported that its Nanotherm LC thermal management solution addresses the unique requirements of chip-scale packaging (CSP) LEDs. This news comes just after the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities to meet the increasing demand for its thermal management technology. Using CSP LEDs gives LED lighting designers several …

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Philips Differentiates its LEDs for Grow Lights with New Horticultural Lighting Calculator and PPF Binning

Philips’ LED producing company Lumileds is seeking to differentiate its LEDs for horticulture use from other companies’ LEDs. The company now has a family of LEDs that it bins according to their photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). Additionally, the company has introduced an online Horticultural Lighting Calculator that LED grow light …

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Innovations in Optics Launches UV-LED Modules for TI DLP Systems

Innovations in Optics, Inc. has launched the LumiBright 3300B UV-LED Illuminators. According to the Woburn, Massachusetts company, the UV-LED modules feature extremely high power and highly uniform UV light distribution.The company says that the UV-LED modules can provide unprecedented speed and resolution for UV applications including maskless lithography, 3D printing, …

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