LED biomedical applications

Blue Light Exposure Reduces Blood Pressure and Increases Heart Rate, According to University Dusseldorf Medical Faculty

Members of the medical faculty at the University Dusseldorf investigated whether entire body exposure to visible blue light can decrease blood pressure the same way that UV light is known to do. They also looked at endothelial function (flow-mediated dilation). They exposed 14 healthy male subjects on 2 days to …

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Osram Licht AG Changes Financial Outlook; Osram Americas Shows Off LED-lit Eyewear at Boston TechJam 2018

Osram Licht AG reported that it would be changing its financial outlook for fiscal 2018. The company cited uncertainty related to restrictions on trade and sales that lead to some of the company’s automotive lighting customers to postpone (but not cancel) orders. In other Osram news, the company attended Boston …

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Skin Exposure to 293nm UV Light Found to be More Efficient than Sunlight in Promoting Vitamin D3 Production

Skin exposure to ultraviolet light is known to have both beneficial and negative health consequences depending on cumulative time of exposure. Some of the adverse effects associated with repeated, long, and cumulative exposure include premature aging of the skin, DNA damage, and a much greater risk of Melanoma (skin cancer). …

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Green Light May Reduce Pain

UA researcher holds contact lens that allows green light through for rats in pain study.

University of Arizona researchers found that exposure to green light may help reduce pain. Dr. Mohab Ibrahim, director of the Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic at Banner-University Medical Center South, and UA researcher had gotten a call from his brother Wael complaining of a headache. Dr. Ibrahim told him to take …

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