microLED displays

Micro-LED Display Startup VueReal Raises $10.5 Million and Collaborates with Veeco to Develop Mass Transfer Techniques

Micro-LED display startup VueReal of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, has raised $10.5 Million on initial closing of Series A Funding. The company also reported a collaboration with MOCVD equipment maker Veeco to help solve issues related to micro LED mass production and mass transfer for display fabrication. VueReal says it will …

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Samsung Debuts 146-Inch Modular MicroLED TV

On January 7, Just before CES 2018, Samsung unveiled its new 146-inch modular microLED TV at the Enclave event venue in Las Vegas. The company apply named the modular TV “The Wall”, which it describes as the first modular TV for consumers. The Wall employs a bezel-less modular structure utilizing …

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Plessey Plans MicroLED Display Product Release in First Half of 2018

Plessey Semiconductors, a company known for its gallium nitride on silicon LED technology, announced the company’s intent to be the first to market with a monolithic microLED based display. Several companies so far have showcased prototype microLED displays. However, no firms have released microLED display products yet. Also, Plessey is …

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