LED-based communication or LiFi

Development Points to Potential for 100-Fold Improvement in Nanopillar LED Efficiency

Researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology have created a very efficient nanopillar LED. The team fabricated the nanopillar LED with a metal cavity in a III-V layer stack attached to a silicon substrate. The device achieved “relatively high” on-chip external quantum efficiency (10−4 to 10−2 for room-temperature and 9.5 K, …

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LESA Develops High-Speed VLC Link with Integrated Microchip Receiver

The Center for Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications (LESA), an Engineering Research Center headquartered at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), recently claimed to have achieved the world’s first high-speed visible‐light transmission link with a fully integrated microchip receiver. According to the LESA ERC, the low‐cost, compact, integrated microchip receiver that its …

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VLC Market Poised to Explode

The visible light communication market is poised to explode, according to Global Market Insights. In 2014, the visible light communication (VLC) market size was valued about USD 300 million. Global Market Insights (GMI) projects that the VLC market will grow at a CAGR of over 90% over the forecast period …

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pureLiFi Gets Additional Funding; Hopes to Unlock Potential of IoT

pureLiFi, a company, founded, by professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh, reports that it has completed its Series B Financing Round. Temasek, a Singapore-based investment firm led the round of financing. Total funding raised for the company is $10 million so far. Dr. Haas and his company pureLiFi …

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Du and Zero1 Demonstrate LiFi in Dubai

Du, a UAE-based telecommunications service provider, and UAE startup Zero1 announced the successful demonstration of light fidelity (LiFi) technology in Dubai. Details about the actual demonstration and the achieved data rates are somewhat sketchy. Du’s press release extols the potential of the technology claiming data rates as high as 224 …

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pureLifi to Launch LiFi Dongle

pureLiFi to introduce LiFi-X, a LiFi dongle at Mobile World Congress 2016

pureLiFi, an Edinburg University spin-off co-founded by Prof. Harald Haas, plans to launch its latest LiFi product, at Mobile World Congress 2016. Over the last several years, Haas has made bold forecasts about the future of light communication technology and the lighting industry’s role in that future. Haas co-founded pureVLC, …

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