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Guest Commentary: Sapphire Substrate Advances Lead To Brighter LEDs at Lower Costs

The adoption of solid-state lighting is fueling market growth for high-brightness LEDs. It’s a competitive market, and each manufacturer is looking for the keys to greater light output at a lower cost. In recent years, the most significant advance in cost per lumen has been the adoption of patterned sapphire …

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Growth From Top to Bottom

The last few weeks have seen a number of interesting announcements when it comes to the LED-connected markets. If you live towards the top of the LED food chain, at the replacement lamp, luminaire or application level, one might tend to tune down the market radar when it comes to …

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Epistar Signs LED Collaboration and IP Licensing Agreement With Intermolecular

Epistar, Corp. and Intermolecular, Inc. of San Jose, California USA, have signed a collaborative development program (CDP) and royalty-bearing IP licensing agreement to increase the efficiency and reduce cost of Epistar’s LED devices. Under this agreement, Epistar and Intermolecular engineers will together leverage Intermolecular’s High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC™) technology platform …

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Duksan Hi-Metal to Provide Manufacturing Services for Universal Display’s OLED Host Material in Korea

Duksan Hi-Metal Company Limited a Korean-based manufacturer of electronic materials for OLEDs, has signed a manufacturing agreement with Universal Display in which Duksan has agreed to manufacture Universal Display’s host products for certain Korean customers. Also, Universal Display and Duksan have mutually agreed to seek dismissal of all pending patent …

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AZZURRO offers easy migration to GaN-on-Si LEDs with 150 mm templates

The easy migration of LED manufacturing to GaN-on-Si is described in a White Paper released by AZZURRO today. Utilizing the company’s 150 mm templates the advantages of GaN-on-Si can be gained after very short design-in times. The White Paper outlines technical hurdles to be overcome when migrating to GaN-on-Si, covers …

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