Nichia Urges Caution in Avoiding Counterfeit Nichia Laser Diodes

Nichia Corporation published a press release that warns of counterfeit Nichia laser diodes LDs. The company stated in the press release, “Nichia is aware that a large number of counterfeit Nichia laser diode (LD) products have been present within the market; much of this volume has been bought/sold and traded in China.”

A Nichia investigation into the counterfeit LDs found that one example is a laser diode with the “NDB7B77”. The company says that an LD with this part number is being sold on the Internet as a legitimate Nichia laser diode model. However, Nichia points out that the LD part number is not a Nichia LD part number, and Nichia did not design or produce this laser diode.

In a further explanation of the warning, the company stated, “Customers should be aware that such counterfeit LDs have not undergone Nichia’s rigorous quality inspections and may not meet Nichia’s quality standards.”

Nichia Warns: Counterfeit Nichia Laser Diodes May Cause System Damage, But Nichia Not Responsible

Moreover, the company forewarns that low-quality counterfeit LDs may result in adverse consequences such as damage to the system or in some cases, unknowing or unintentional involvement in illegal activities.

If this occurs, Nichia says that it will not be held legally responsible for any loss or damage caused by using counterfeit Nichia products. The press release concluded by advising that customers should not purchase or use counterfeit Nichia LD products under any circumstances.

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