Toyoda Corolla Sport Uses Koito Signal Lamps Using Standardized XLS LED Signal Emitters from Osram

In recent years LED makers have come out with numerous automotive LED signaling solutions. However, the LEDs lacked a single standard. Osram intends to change that with the launch of its XLS (eXchangeable LED Signal lamp) products. The XLS signal lamp products meet the (UN/ECE Standard R128). Auto parts firm Koito produces signal lamp auto parts that employ the standardized Osram XLS LED signal lamps.

According to Osram, for the first time, a uniform LED-based platform with three different light versions can cover all of the major signal applications in vehicles. Osram asserts that this platform allows for simple replacements of lamps and reduces complexity and overall costs for car makers. Furthermore, the company claims that the platform leads to faster development. Toyoda installed Koito’s signal lamp components using Osram’s LY5 and LW5 XLS emitters on the new Corolla models since the summer of 2018.

Osram XLS Front Fog lamps

“With its XLS product family, Osram is launching a portfolio that offers all the innovative benefits of LED technology while significantly reducing complexity along the customer value chain,” said Hans Joachim Schwabe, CEO Specialty Lighting at Osram.

The ECE-standardized light sources from Osram are currently available in yellow and white for different signal applications such as turn signals, reversing lights and daytime running lamps (DRL). An additional white alternative for fog lighting is also available with the respective standard going into effect at the end of 2018. A red variant is also coming soon.

Osram points out that standardization makes the lamps easy to exchange. Only the light source needs replacing. Therefore, the usual expense of replacing entire lamps or headlights is eliminated.

Osram says that the rugged design ensures a long and reliable operating life. Also, the LEDs take up less space, due to the miniaturization of electronics, optics, and mechanical components. The XLS products feature a small, light-emitting area and offer protection from electrostatic discharge, transients, and overvoltages.

Exchangeable Lamps Set New Standards

Osram says that a uniform, standardized platform for signal lamps reduces the number of different lighting solutions in cars. Thus car makers can considerably reduce overall costs in the supply chain, development, and quality control. Moreover, the reuse of design modules and the same platforms also considerably reduces the time and effort needed for development.

The company says that XLS Series production of the lamps in Herbrechtingen, Germany, guarantees premium quality.

The new XLS product family has already hit the streets of Japan in the new Toyota Corolla Sport. Toyoda plans to release other models using the XLS Series at the end of 2018. Osram is also currently working to expand the XLS product portfolio.