Tokyo District Court Dismisses Everlight Patent Infringement Claims Against Nichia, Citizen, and Daiko

Nichia of Japan reported that the Tokyo District Court dismissed Everlight’s patent infringement lawsuit seeking injunctions. On October 5, 2018, Nichia says that the Tokyo District Court in Japan completely dismissed the claims of Everlight in the a patent infringement lawsuit that Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. filed against Nichia Corporation, Citizen Electronics Co.,Ltd., and Daiko Electric Co.,Ltd.

In the Lawsuit, Everlight alleged that the chip-on-board (COB) LED product that Nichia, Citizen, and Daiko produced and the lighting fixtures using the COB product mounted thereon infringe Everlight’s Japanese Patent No. 3989794. However, the court entirely rejected Everlight’s claims.

Nichia closed the company’s statement about the dismissal saying, “We would appreciate our valued customers’ understanding and cooperation and continued comfortable use of our reliable products.”

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