Seoul Viosys Files Patent Lawsuit in Florida

Seoul Viosys, an associate company of Seoul Semiconductor, disclosed on Mar. 22 that last week they filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the Federal Court of State of Florida, USA, against Salon Supply Store, a producer of the UV-applied products. In the lawsuit, Seoul Viosys alleged that Salon Supply Store has infringed its UV-LED patents. The letter of complaint seeks injunctive relief with the Federal Court of Florida, USA. The complaint asks the court to order a halt to the sale and distribution of the Salon’s infringing products.

The UV-LED related patents, which Seoul Viosys claims Salon Supply Store (“Salon”) infringed consist of patents that pertain to UV LED manufacturing processes and applied fields, including epitaxy that emits ultraviolet, FAB and packaging technology for the components, as well as the curing (hardening) technology. Seoul Viosys says Salon has profited from selling the allegedly infringing products through the large online shops, such as eBay and Amazon.

Seoul Viosys says it has created the wide-ranging patent portfolio, describing a variety of technology ranging from those related to LED components to those related to application systems. Seoul Viosys plans to actively protect against companies infringing the technology from their patents.

Yeojin Yoon, vice president at UV Development Center of Seoul Viosys, said, “This lawsuit is just the beginning of a series of strong lawsuits against the infringing companies of our UV patents and we are preparing that there are more manufacturers in the similar industry or UV product manufacturers infringing our patents. We will continue to take legal actions against the infringements committed by these infringing companies.” Yoon added, “Seoul Viosys has developed the violeds technology for more than 15 years not just to gain profits but also to provide health keeping and clean environment for humanity. With the mass production at low cost, we will supply the violeds technology and its products to people around the world and, through this, will try to make better life of mankind.”

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