Seoul Viosys Combines its UV LED Technology with Seoul Semiconductor’s WICOP Technology in UV WICOP

Seoul Viosys of Ansan, South Korea, announced the launch of a product called UV WICOP, which combines Seoul Semiconductor’s WICOP LEDs with compact and high-efficiency technology. Seoul Semiconductor says that its patented WICOP LED technology is the world’s first LED product. The company designed WICOP using a single chip and phosphor, but it does not employ additional components such as a lead frame and gold wire. Seoul Viosys applied the technology to its UV LEDs and was granted the patent for the combined UV and WICOP technology.

Seoul Viosys points out that conventional UV LEDs have high manufacturing costs due to the additional components. The company also says that the overload of the heat emitted from each conventional UV LED degrades performance. On the other hand, UV WICOP boasts a low cost with the use of a single chip without additional components, and it is effective for heat dissipation. The company says that it can easily change the design depending on the application requirements or customer needs.

UV WICOP Applied to Air and Water Purification and Surface Disinfection

Seoul Viosys says it applied the company’s UV WICOP technology to various applications for water and air purification, surface disinfection. According to the company, the new UV WICOP has improved performance by more than 600% with a projected lifetime of 45,000h compared to conventional high-powered LED packages that are expected to last between just 2,000h to 7,000h. Furthermore, Seoul Viosys says that the price of the UV WICOP is about 80% lower than its competitors that offer equivalent performance.

“Conventional UV LEDs have difficulty in expanding applications with low light power, short duration time and high price. The new UV WICOP of Seoul Viosys is expected to be a leading product that meets the needs of customers and contributes to market expansion for UV LED,” said Jong Man Kim, UV development executive vice president of Seoul Viosys.

“Seoul Viosys had the patent for vertical, high-powered package (Patent no. USP 8,242,484) based on UV WICOP technology,” added Kim. “We will initiate the mass production for new UV WICOP with cost competitiveness in the near future.”

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