Plaza Norte in Lima, Peru Gets Large Digital Signage from Samsung

Samsung Electronics reported that the company produced and installed South America’s largest digital out-of-home (DOOH) LED signage for the Plaza Norte, an iconic shopping mall in Lima, the capital of Peru. Samsung’s Enterprise Business Team worked with Plaza Norte’s marketing team for many months to launch the enormous LED screen on the outside of the Plaza Norte building. Samsung’s engineers decided that the perfect LED display product for the mall would Samsung’s XA160F outdoor modular LED display. The overall screen features 528 cabinets and has an area of 487 square meters.

Samsung Electronics custom designed and installed large-sized LED signage at Plaza Norte in Lima, Peru.

Plaza Norte Display Made Up of Samsung XA160F Smart LED Signage Modules

The Samsung XA160F SMART LED Signage outdoor display, which the company designed to be viewed at a distance, comes with a 16.0mm pixel pitch for enhanced resolution. The screen also meets IP65 standards that ensure it holds up under all types of weather. Also, the panels feature an anti-UV treatment that prevents discoloration and deformation resulting from sun exposure.
The bright screen maintains levels of 7,700 nits at all times, thereby deterring the interference of direct sunlight.

Crowds of spectators gathered to watch the display presentation for the opening ceremony of the 487m2 LED signage screens on July 4th at the Plaza Norte in Lima. The opening ceremony presentation gave viewers a dazzling visual display across the 16.0mm pixel pitch screens.

The 487 square-meter screen marks a milestone for Samsung. However, the company says it is now striving to attain even higher goals in product innovation and product development with its professional displays.

This latest installation is one of the company’s large LED signage installations around the world this year. Samsung Electronics has previously installed large-sized LED signs of record-breaking sizes in Korea and Peru. Samsung also installed what the company claims to be the longest ribbon-type LED video signage in New Zealand’s national stadium Eden Park as part of its official partnership with the Stadium. Also, Samsung custom designed and installed a large-sized, curved LED sign for the outside of AFAS Circustheater, among the most prominent theaters in the Netherlands.

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