OLED Works Launches OLED Panel Platform on Flexible Glass

In a much anticipated and often discussed possibility in OLEDs, OLEDWorks LLC announced the availability of the Wave, which the company boasts is the first commercially available OLED (organic light-emitting diode) lighting platform on flexible glass.

OLEDWorks introduced the Wave OLED panel platform on Corning’s flexible WillowGlass.

The appropriately named new product, the Wave, is part of OLEDWorks LumiCurve product family on Corning® Willow® Glass, a flexible glass material. According to OLEDWorks, the inherent hermetic barrier characteristics of Corning’s Willow Glass offer bendable surface lighting without compromising the durability and lifetime of an OLED panel. Organic LEDs provide a naturally diffused light source without glare.

The company says that the Wave couples, a thin, feather-weight form with bold lighting functionality, thereby enabling exceptional design concepts with applications ranging from architectural lighting to transportation.

“It has been a privilege to bring the LumiCurve Wave to market in collaboration with Corning, whose innovative leadership in glass technology is complemented by outstanding teamwork,” said Dave DeJoy, executive chairman of OLEDWorks.

“Only microns in thickness and grams in weight, the Wave delivers the superb light quality and excellent color rendering that is uniquely achievable with OLED. We wanted to take our OLED light engine success and apply it in ways that would change how the industry thought about traditional lighting applications. We want to inspire, and we believe the Wave does just that,”  Dejoy said.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with OLEDWorks by enabling the next generation of lighting solutions as Corning pursues a new market opportunity for Willow Glass,” said Dr. Dipak Q. Chowdhury, division vice president and program director, Willow Innovative Substrates, Corning Incorporated. “Light no longer has to stay locked up in a bulb, but can be freed to flow and flex around corners, curves, and crevices making it much easier to integrate into architecture, furniture, and appliances. The conformability is amazing!”

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