Nichia Launches Color-Temperature-Tunable COB LED Series

Adjusting light color and color temperatures is at the center of human-centric lighting designs that helps maintain natural biological rhythms. However, the designing color tuning with multiple LED packages on a board is complex and requires some ingenuity. Such a design makes it very difficult to create a color tunable device with a narrow beam.

Nichia introduced a series of LEDs with color temperature tuning on a single COB.

For this reason, Nichia has introduced a tunable chip-on-board (COB) series of LEDs. According to Nichia, the uniquely designed COB package itself controls the light emission color of the tunable LED series. The new Tunable COB series is based on the company’s COB-Z series which features high flux density (model numbers: NJCWL024Z-V1MT/NVCWJ024Z-V1MT).

Nichia insists that the COB design will shrink the light emitting area of the light source and increase the degree of color mixing. Nichia also says its new color tunable COB series is perfect for numerous applications, including commercial uses such as retail spotlighting and even residential purposes such as downlights.

For example, a retail store could install lighting a single light that allowing the color temperature to be changeable based on their display or objects or a family could adjust the color temperature of their home to suit their natural biological rhythms.

The design of the color temperature tunable COB features a kind of mesh pattern surface across a hexagonal shape. The thick mesh-like part is one color temperature, and the full-sized hexigonal shaped di below it is another color temperature. Each color temperature di has its own electrical inputs. This design mixes the white color temperatures without needing any added optics.

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