Luminous Introduces New Horticulture COB LEDs

Luminus Devices, Inc., of Sunnyvale, California, has introduced new Horticulture chip-on-board (COB) LEDs with spectrums aimed at cannabis production. The new devices are available with 14mm and 22mm light emitting surfaces (LES) and boast best in class PPF and PPF/W performance. The LEDs operate with power from 25W to 125W, and the PPF range extends from 45µmol/s to over 150µmol/s with the larger 22mm LES.

“Horticulture COBs are perfectly suited to replace HPS lamps for growing ‘light-hungry’ crops such as Cannabis as they offer high PPF output combined with excellent efficacy. Additionally, COB’s broad ecosystem makes it easy for fixture manufacturers to develop new lighting solutions for any indoor operation,” said Yves Bertic, senior director of global product marketing. Notably, COBs typically outperform HPS lamps in their power consumption, spectral output, efficiency, and lifespan.

COBs Have Two Spectra Options

The new COBs offer two spectra options; the first is a phosphor-converted Deep Red spectrum with a one-to-one Blue to Deep Red intensity ratio and the second has a one-to-two Blue to Deep Red intensity ratio. The purple LED combines blue and red peaks at 450nm and at 640nm respectively.

“Beyond the cannabis market, the need for improved crop yields is more important than ever, and our new horticulture COBs enable innovative luminaires that directly address the market’s needs,” said Bertic “With the ability to customize spectra to specific crops or classes of crops, we foresee a portfolio that supports growers around the world.”


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