Lumileds Adds Five Technologies to Matrix Light Engine Platform

Lumileds reports that it has added five new ‘Advanced Technologies’ to its Matrix Platform. According to the company, these technologies help lighting manufacturers accelerate the development of integrated, fully assembled LED light engines.

Lumileds — Matrix LED Light Engine platform — added technology

Oberon Intelligent Assembly

First, the company added the Oberon Intelligent Assembly. Lumileds says that unlike contract manufacturers that mix binned LEDs based on flux or Vf value, Oberon eliminates bins and selects LEDs based on accurate test data. The company claims that choosing LEDs based on particular test data without using bins results in tighter color control, higher flux, matched Vf strings, and board-to-board consistency for applications in which uniformity is critical.

Integrated Drivers

Secondly, newly integrated drivers reduce space and simplify fixture design, according to Lumileds. The company points out that it can customize integrated drivers to meet unique manufacturing requirements, for enhanced system-level optimization and cost-saving.

‘Dim to Warm’ Effect Added

Lumileds also added patented circuitry to achieve a ‘dim to warm’ effect with its dimming. According to the company, this newly added patented circuitry allows LEDs to mimic the warm, yellow dimming pattern that is the hallmark of halogen bulbs.
The dimming technology reportedly controls both a warm and a cool LED with two drivers that pair seamlessly with simple single channel drivers.

Integrated Light Guides

Also, the platform’s newly integrated light guides soften high intensity LED pixels to create a more uniform light surface for luminaires.

Connectivity and Controls

Finally, the company has added both connectivity and controls to the light engine platform. The addition of both controls and connectivity enables luminaires that can be controlled remotely via apps or other devices. The company also contends that thanks to a robust selection of intelligently integrated wired and wireless protocols, manufacturers can accelerate time to market.

“Customers find that not only does the Matrix Platform approach enable award and market-winning solutions, it also shaves weeks if not months off the traditional assembly approach and ensures a product reliability that only Lumileds can guarantee,” said Viral Hazari, Matrix Platform product manager at Lumileds.