LG Innotek Launches “InnoUV” Brand to Cover All its UV Products

LG Innotek of Seoul, South Korea, announced its plan to introduce the high-end UV LED brand, “InnoUV.” This common brand name “InnoUV” will cover all of its UV LED products. The company says it will apply a new logo design for this brand to all of its UV LED products, and it will let all finished UV products that use the company’s UV LEDs to also utilize the logo.

LG Innotek — Woman holding “InnoUV” LED brand logo

In fact, LG Innotek plans to place the “InnoUV” brand logo on all 40 types of the UV LED packages and modules the company developed. According to LG Innotek, their UV LED products deliver different UV wavelengths and light outputs depending on the application.

UV (ultraviolet ray) LEDs can eliminate germs and viruses depending on their wavelength and can be used for the air, water, and surface disinfection, as well as in medicine, biotechnology, and curing equipment because of their ability to chemically induce reactions with within particular substances. The company also notes that UV LEDs emit light with just the application of a charge, and they do not use heavy metals. LG Innotek asserts that they offer high usability due to their long lifespan, high durability, and small form factor of less than 1cm2.

Companies Can Negotiate to Apply Logo to Their Products Using “InnoUV” LEDs

LG Innotek wants companies that make products using its “InnoUV” LEDs to benefit from the soon-to-be-recognized brand logo. After they go through a negotiation process with LG Innotek, these companies can use the logo on the exterior, packaging, and promotion materials of their finished UV LED products. LG Innotek expects that the brand logo will help give general users a high degree of trust in the quality of the UV LED products. The green color scheme of the logo denotes the clean and eco-friendly image.

LG Innotek to Apply “InnoUV” Logo to All its UV LED Products

As part of its UV LED marketing plan, the company intends to apply the “InnoUV” brand logo on its front line of UV products to accelerate global adoption of its UV LEDs.

Last year, LG Innotek successfully developed a 100mW UV-C LED that boasts the world’s highest light output. LG Innotek’s 100mW UV-C LED boasts a sterilizing power, which in just 3.4 seconds can wipe out 99.9% of Salmonella, a cause of food poisoning. The new brand launch carries the momentum of the successful development, and the company intends to promote the representative UV LED brand to continue its market dominance.

The company official said, “There is no doubt that UV LED is an innovative light source that raises the quality of our life, but many people may still be unfamiliar with this technology.” He continued, “We are going to make UV LED available in many areas with ‘InnoUV’, a brand which customers can trust.”

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