Greenhouses at Pennsylvania State University Get LED Lighting Upgrade from Illumitex

Illumitex of Austin, Texas USA, reports that it has partnered with Pennsylvania State University. The company says that it has supplied more than 400 of its Eclipse ES2 LED grow lights that the university’s College of Agricultural Sciences is using in multiple greenhouses.

Illumitex points out that plant science researchers will be able to conduct precise experiments under ideal light conditions year ‘round. Additionally, students in courses with greenhouse culture components will be able to add growing plants under LED-based crop lighting to their horticultural skill set.

Scott DiLoreto, greenhouse manager for the College of Agricultural Sciences, said, “We installed LED fixtures in several densities. In some greenhouses, we are providing sufficient supplemental illumination to grow ornamentals and vegetables well through the dark winter months. In other houses, we installed higher density fixtures to really push the growth of high-light research crops, such as beans, corn and rice.”

For a few years, Penn State had a single small installation of Illumitex LED lighting. The installation demonstrated the efficacy and benefits of employing LED technology in greenhouses.  Based on the results of the first installation, DiLoreto knew he wanted to replace their HID lighting with LED technology when a major crop-lighting upgrade was needed.

“In addition to the energy savings associated with LED lighting, we needed a linear ‘strip’ style LED to provide uniform illumination over growing surfaces. Our greenhouses have relatively low gable heights, and it was very difficult to provide uniform illumination with HID lighting — there were hot spots and cold spots,” said DiLoreto. “The ES2 strips provide the uniform illumination we are looking for.”

Paul Gray, VP of Horticulture Lighting Solutions and Senior Horticulture Scientist commented, “It’s truly gratifying to know our lights will help shape the minds of future horticulturists.”