Custom Van Employs OLED Interior Lighting

Chang’s Custom, a Korean car customizing company used OLED panels from LG Display to equip a van with interior OLED lighting. The van is apparently the world’s first van with OLED interior lighting. Automotive designers have already considered using OLEDs for tail lights. However, Chang’s Custom is bringing OLEDs into the auto interior for the first time.

LG Display supplied the OLED light panels that Chang’s Custom used to illuminate the interior of this Chevy Explorer.

LG supplied the OLED panels that Chang’s Custom used to replace ceiling lighting and door interior lighting that currently employ LED and halogen bulbs. The ceiling lighting features 320x110mm LG OLED light panels with a dimmer that the driver can control. Additional, 200x50mm LG OLED light panels illuminate the sides of the van’s interior. The warm and soft light emitted by the OLED light panels creates a luxurious atmosphere in within the car.

Jong Soo Chang, CEO of Chang’s Custom, said, “We believe LG Display OLED light panels will create psychological comfort for the driver while giving a luxurious and glamorous feel for passengers. The interior lighting provided by OLED represents a perfect fit for premium-class vehicles.”

Chang explained that one primary advantage of using OLED light panels for interior lighting is because their thinness saves space. OLED panels can be easily embedded in a car’s interior surfaces, he noted. Whereas, LED lighting and halogen light bulbs cannot be as easily designed into surfaces inside a car. “With limited space inside the car, the thinness and lightness of the OLED light panels effectively uses space. I believe this technology has a bright future for all kinds of transport, not only in cars but also in aircraft and ships.”

The van was first showcased at the Seoul Auto Salon 2016 in Seoul, Korea. During the auto show, Chang’s Custom received a positive and enthusiastic response to the new luxury van customized with OLED lighting. According to Chang, the customized Chevrolet Explorer will be utilized as a vehicle for the VIPs, considering its luxurious upgrade in interior lighting.

LG Display said in the press release that it is always searching for partners to develop new applications for the OLED light panels.

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