At NYC AgTech Week, Light Polymers to Introduce GrowBlade Horticultural Lighting

At the third annual NYC AgTech Week, Light Polymers, a San Francisco-based nano chemistry startup with R&D operations in Silicon Valley, Korea, and Taiwan, plans to unveil the company’s GrowBlade™ horticulture lighting. The company recently announced that it is licensing patents from Cree to produce high CRI downlights (Ref: Coverage).

NYC AgTech Week Features Presentations, Workshops, and Tours

NYC AgTech Week is hosted in New York City by the NYC Agriculture Technology Collective features presentations, workshops, and tours that inform attendees about the latest developments in urban agriculture. NYC AgTech Week 2017 starts on September 16th followed by 6 days of events across the city. Light Polymers will also serve as September’s featured sponsor for Agritecture, a leading urban agriculture blog and a founding member of the collective.

Light Polymers notes that its GrowBlade™ flat-panel grow lights are among a new generation of LED lights that can enhance the harvest and overall yield of multi-layer indoor cultivation for herbs and leafy greens, as well as seedlings, clones, grafts and tissue cultures. The company GrowBlade™ flat panels employ its proprietary Crystallin® lyotropic coating and suspension chemistry process which is water-based, thereby lowering manufacturing costs.

“Our self-aligning coatings can be applied with high yield and low cost. The coating packs phosphor particles in a dense layer maximizing light conversion, allowing us to lower both production and operating costs. The result is GrowBlade™ light panels that are cheaper, thinner and more efficient than conventional grow lights. These advancements mean lower initial costs, lower operating costs and improved productivity for indoor farms,” said Sandor Schoichet, VP of Grow Products at Light Polymers.

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