Yesco Brightens MGM CityCenter and GM Headquarters with Macroblock RGB LED Drivers

Yesco, a 92-year-old sign company that now makes state-of the-art LED signs and displays, successfully gave GM’s Global Headquarters a new LED Face. 
The Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan USA, comprising five towers, serves as global headquarters for General Motors. Through 15 months of dedicate hard work, Yesco’s professional teams replaced the static logo with the dynamic LED signage and circular RGB lighting systems. The company delivered a new look with LED crowns to the world on time.

The MBI6020 was chosen as one of parts to achieve this project. Yesco says that the MBI6020, with two-wire transmission topology, built-in signal buffers and clock-inversion technology achieves reliable data transmission with less wire, less connectors, and lower cost.

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