Xicato Releases 3000 XLM Artist Series

Xicato, a San Jose, California company, has released the
XLM 3000 Artist Series, which is designed for applications that require perfect halogen-level color rendering and smooth, continuous dimming to 0.1% (power). Xicato notes that single-ended T4 and double-ended R7s halogen lamps have been lighting professionals’ first choice for applications such as museums, retail, hospitality, houses of worship and historic spaces. However, the R7 halogen lamps have high light quality but have a short life and poor efficacy. According to Xicato, the XLM 3000 Artist combines high flux with high color rendering and is suitable for track, recessed downlight, and wall wash luminaires.

Uniquely the entire Artist Series Range boasts color rendering that is said to be accurate across all 15 CIE standard test colors, both pastel and saturated, including the deep red and skin tone references. The color rendering Ra is 90+ and 95 typical, outperforming other LED solutions, as well as compact fluorescent and compact metal halide sources. XLM Artist Series is available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K correlated color temperatures (CCTs).

As with all Xicato’s LED modules, the XLM 3000 Artist is color consistent initially (1 x 2 SDCM) and over life and maintains its light level over time (with an L70/B50 of 50,000hrs).

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