Veeco and ALLOS Demonstrate 200mm GaN-on-Si Fabrication of Micro-LEDs

Veeco Instruments Inc. announced the conclusion of an initiative with ALLOS Semiconductors (ALLOS) to demonstrate 200mm GaN-on-Si wafers for the fabrication of Blue/Green micro-LEDs. ALLOS operates as a technology engineering and intellectual property licensing firm.

Veeco teamed up with ALLOS to impart their proprietary epitaxy technology onto the Propel® Single-Wafer MOCVD System. This epitaxy technology helped enable micro-LED production on existing silicon production lines.

“With the Propel reactor, we have an MOCVD technology that is capable of high yielding GaN Epitaxy that meets all the requirements for processing micro-LED devices in 200-millimeter silicon production lines,” said Burkhard Slischka, CEO of ALLOS Semiconductors.

“Within one month we established our technology on Propel and have achieved crack-free, meltback-free wafers with less than 30 micrometers bow, high crystal quality, superior thickness uniformity and wavelength uniformity of less than one nanometer. Together with Veeco, ALLOS is looking forward to making this technology more widely available to the micro-LED ecosystem,” Slischka said.

The micro-LED display technology for the demonstration consisted of a 30×30 square micron matrix of red, green, blue (RGB) inorganic LEDs that were positioned on the display backplane to form sub-pixels. ALLOS asserts that direct emission from these high-efficiency micro-LEDs consumes less power than OLED or LCD displays and delivers superior brightness and contrast for wearables, mobile displays, and TV. The production of micro-LEDs requires high quality, uniform epitaxial wafers to satisfy the cost and display yield targets.

“In contrast to competing MOCVD platforms, Propel offers leading-edge uniformity and simultaneously achieves excellent film quality as a result of the wide process window afforded by Veeco’s TurboDisc® technology,”  said Peo Hansson, Ph.D., senior vice president and general manager of Veeco MOCVD Operations. “Combining Veeco’s leading MOCVD expertise with ALLOS’ GaN-on-Silicon epi-wafer technology enables our customers to develop micro-LEDs cost effectively for new applications in new markets.”

ALLOS plans to offer licenses to its technology know-how and patents as well as bring the technology to its customers’ MOCVD reactors.

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