UL Acquires Lighting Sciences, Inc.

UL, a performance testing and inspection service business, announced that it has acquired Lighting Sciences Inc. (LSI not to be confused with Lighting Science Group Corporation), a provider of photometric testing services, and test equipment.
LSI will reportedly become part of UL’s Verification Services business. The acquisition will reportedly increase UL’s the photometric testing capacity

“This acquisition allows us to further extend our global safety mission and better serve companies in the rapidly expanding Solid State Lighting markets” said Keith Williams, president and CEO of UL. “The lighting industry is undergoing a technology transformation. Global regulators are placing a much greater focus on the need to develop safe and energy efficient lighting products like LED. Combining the technical expertise and market positions of UL and LSI will allow the lighting industry to come to a single organization for testing and certification of their products to the applicable safety and energy efficiency standards.”

“This acquisition gives LSI the opportunity to be part of an organization with global reach, technical knowledge and brand reputation,” said Ian Lewin, President of LSI. “UL and LSI have a long-standing relationship providing complementary services to customers. This acquisition strengthens our value proposition to our customer base and allows us to expand offerings on a much broader scale.”

UL says the addition of LSI also enables it to further expand its capacity and capabilities in energy efficiency and Energy Star testing. Additionally, the company says that the acquisition provides new and important ways to serve the global lighting marketplace through test equipment and advisory services.

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