Tyntek to Expand IR LED Chip Production Capacity

LED chip maker Tyntek of Taiwan found production capacity for infrared (IR) LED chips about 10% short of demand for the year. The company plans to expand production capacity for its IR LED chips by 10-15%. Additional capacity will be added beginning in May 2017, according to company chairman Bosco Foo, who was sited in a Digitimes article.

As part of the production expansion, Tyntek has relocated part of the existing production equipment from its factory in northern Taiwan to another plant in Wuhan, central China. Foo said that Tyntek intends to use the relocating of the production equipment to leave room for installation of new equipment for fabricating IR LED chips.

The company has set aside a 2017 capital expenditure budget of NT$200-300 million (US$6.5-9.8 million) primarily for procuring new IR LED chip production equipment, Foo noted. Tyntek also intends to construct a new factory near the existing one in 2018, Foo indicated.

The company imports LED wafers from japan to produce its LEDs, according to the article. IR LED chips accounted for 46 percent of the firm’s revenues, ultra-high brightness LED chips represented 44 percent, and photo diodes/transistors accounted for 10 percent.

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