Sylvania Automotive Wins Supplier of the Year Award from O’Reilly Auto Parts

Sylvania Automotive, a maker of all kinds of automotive lighting including, HID, Xenon, and even LED headlight upgrade kits, has received the 2017 Supplier of the Year Award from O’Reilly Auto Parts, a national retail supplier of aftermarket auto parts. O’reilly selected Sylvania Automotive from hundreds of suppliers worldwide, and according to the auto parts retailer, it holds recipients of this award to the highest standards.

“At Sylvania Automotive, we recognize that there is no magic bullet, no single thing we can point to and say, ‘that is the reason for our success,’” said Joe Verbanic, Senior Director of aftermarket sales and marketing at Sylvania Automotive.

“But what separates us from others is a deep and personal commitment to our customers. We understand the very real and complex challenges they face every day and we remain intently focused on providing them with thoughtful, customized solutions. In doing so, we aim well beyond meeting their needs and set our sights on excellence. This commitment is the core foundation on which our partnership with O’Reilly Auto Parts is built. To be recognized as a supplier of the year by our long-time partner is both humbling and an honor.”

Sylvania Automotive Makes LED Headlight Upgrade Kits that Are Legal

At its recent Annual Managers Conference in Dallas, Texas, O’Reilly Auto Parts announced the winners.

Noteably, aftermarket LED headlight upgrade kits are now legally available in the US. Those that are legal are Department of Transportation (DOT) or SAE certified. Sylvania Automotive makes Zevo LED headlight kits ranging from the entire headlight assembly to the LED bulb.

To learn which bulb best fits any vehicle (for a replacement part not an upgrade), go to the Syvania Bulb Replacement Guide, here.

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