Show Denko Extends IR LED Lineup

Showa Denko of Tokyo has expanded its portfolio of infrared LED chips (IR-LEDs). According to the company, its IR LEDs are primarily used as parts of sensors for IoT-related devices and parts of photo-couplers for gate drivers. SDK’s IR LED product has three categories including traditional LEDs fabricated with Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE), transparent type LEDs, and reflection type LEDs made using Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD).

Showa Denko IR LED portfolio configuration diagram

Showa Denko IR LED portfolio configuration diagram

SDK says that because its IR-LEDs have some good performance characteristics such as a power linearity at lower electric current and a quick response time at the high-speed cycle, the company’s customers use them widely used as parts for equipment that require high reliability such as industrial equipment, medical devices, security systems, and automotive equipment.

A reflection type LED enhances its output with a mirror layer constructed beneath the light emission layer to reflect the light beam upward. Reflection type LEDs in photoelectric sensors for industrial equipment and other tools. This time, SDK says it upgraded its technology to fabricate reflection type LEDs. Also the company says that it added “Double Junction Reflection Type LEDs” and “P-up Reflection Type LEDs” to its product lineup of IR-LEDs.

IR LED with Double Junction Reflection

The double junction reflection type LED features two light emission layers, and achieves output almost twice that of a conventional reflection type LED. SDK says that this Double Junction Reflection Type is suitable for applications that require high output LEDs including surveillance or security, biometric sensors, sensors for automotive equipment, and virtual reality.

IR LED with P-up Reflection

Compared to an LED with an N-Up configuration, the P-Up Reflection Type LED has its polarity reversed. SDK notes that IR-LEDs, IR LED makers widely use LPE to produce LEDs with a P-up structure. According to SDK, customers wanted a high-power reflection type LED with a P-Up configuration so it can be compatible with circuit designs for conventional P-up non-reflection type LEDs SDK says that the P-up Reflection Type LED gives its customers more choices of chip structures and more flexibility in designing circuits for packages and modules.

In recent years, SDK points out that it has been expanding its IR-LED business. In addition to the previously mentioned work to develop new LED chips in its main factory, Chichibu Plant, SDK acquired all the shares of Shoko Electronics Corporation (SKEC) from Shoko Co., Ltd. to make it a wholly-owned subsidiary. SKEC is an LED chip producer, with a production base located in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. SKEC makes IR-LED chips for consumer appliances, industrial equipment, automotive equipment, and LED chips for displays.

Through the acquisition of SKEC, SDK says it has established a supply LED chips with two production bases, its Chichibu Plant and SKEC.

SDK expects that the market for IR-LEDs will expand concurrently with the growth of the IoT-related device market. For this reason, SDK plans to continue to extend its lineup of LED products.

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