Sharp Solar Street Light Integrates Solar Panels with High Intensity LEDs

Sharp Corporation is treating its native Japanese market to two new solar cell
products that integrate long-life, energy-efficient, high-intensity LEDs with
thin-film, “see-through” solar cells into a single solar module, and
the result is a new Solar Street Light. By combining the solar cells
with high-intensity LED lights, Sharp has eliminated the need for underground
or overhead wiring work. The illumination source they’ve selected to accomplish
this are high-intensity, white LEDs; 10 W (ten 1-W lamps) that, when measured
by intensity directly underneath at a height of 1 meter above ground, emits
approximately "18 lux." The product was developed to help solve escalating
global environmental problems and turn instead to power generation as what Sharp
coins as an “energy-creating product” that produces clean energy.
The company also points out that, over the past two to three years, photovoltaic
(solar cell) production worldwide has registered an average annual growth rate
of an encouraging 40%. Sharp claims a 26.6% market share in solar cells, which
they say makes them the the top producer for the fourth straight year. And now
they’re introducing two two new types of solar lighting systems as their first
product offerings in a new business area—lighting that combines solar cells
and LEDs. As only Sharp can do, they’ve posted complete details of the products
and pictures, graphs and specs, along with their company
news release
on the website.

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