Sharp Canada Launches Sharp’s First Professional Grade 4K Ultra HD Display

Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd’s, Business Solutions Division (BSD), has
launched its first professional grade Ultra HD Display. Sharp’s first
professional 4K UHD display is a 70″ Class LED display with ultra-slim aluminum
bezel. Sharp designed and engineered the PN-H701 display for 24/7 operation in
commercial and professional installations.

At just 9mm in thick, the company touts the PN-H701 as both the narrowest
and lightest display in its class. The light weight and narrow size lends
itself to simple installation and maintenance. The PN-H701 can be used in both
portrait and landscape formats. In can be installed with up to 20-degree upward
or downward tilts, and is perfect for entertainment, command and control, and
museums as well as unified communications and collaboration. Sharp points out
that unlike some other professional grade 4K Ultra HD models, the PN-H701 comes
equipped with built-in upscaling capability, which allows Full HD (1080p)
signals to easily upscale to 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160). Also, the PN-H701 has
a built-in USB Port and internal memory media player that enable playback of
content without the need of a PC.

The display produces 450 candelas per square meter (nits), which makes it
suitable for any lighting environment. The company’s UV²A technology reportedly
enables what the company describes as incredible contrast with truly bright
whites and extremely deep blacks.

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