Seoul’s AC LED Module Successfully Completes 4kV Surge Testing; Now Meets Standards for Industrial and Commercial Lighting

Seoul Semiconductor demonstrated a 277V AC lighting module using its NanoDriver Series LED driver that successfully completed the industry standard 4kV surge testing. Previously, AC LED modules were primarily used just in residential lighting applications due to the technology’s limited ability to meet the surge requirements for commercial and industrial applications. Seoul asserts that this demonstration module proves the possibility of a 277VAC LED module achieving high surge capability using the company’s NanoDriver Series LED driver.

Seoul Semiconductor-- AC LED module completes 4kV surge testing with help of NanoDriver

Seoul Semiconductor– AC LED module completes 4kV surge testing with help of NanoDriver

Seoul Semiconductor points out that previously many LED fixture designers believed AC LED technology to be a low performance, low-cost solution. Furthermore, Seoul says that many in the LED lighting industry assumed that AC LED technology compromised performance, thereby limiting its applicability. However, the company contends that its demonstration module proves the possibility of achieving a high efficacy, low flicker solution using its AC LED technology.

“This demonstration module proves that AC LED and driver technology can be successfully integrated for industrial and commercial lighting, expanding the market for these smaller, simpler, lower cost fixture designs,” explained Keith Hopwood, executive vice president at Seoul Semiconductor.

“The NanoDriver Series devices are the industry’s smallest 24W LED drivers available, enabling lighting engineers to develop luminaire designs with dramatically reduced size, weight, and volume,” explained Hopwood. “Expanding the NanoDriver’s applications to include commercial and residential lighting brings to customers in those markets the benefits of Seoul Semiconductor’s AC LED technology – efficacy, low flicker, simpler topologies, and reduced size.”

AC LED Modules and NanoDriver Series Perfect for Industrial and Commercial Lighting

With the successful completion of 4kV surge testing and the AC module’s ability to work with luminaires providing up to 3000 lumens, Seoul contends that both the AC LED modules and the NanoDriver series of drivers that power them are ideal for commercial and industrial applications including bollards, wall sconces, downlights, and flush-mount fixtures.

Seoul says that the small size of the NanoDriver series allows ultra-thin and unique fixture designs, enabling the replacement of traditional lamps without the need for a large recess for the driver, or a reduction in the light output. The small size of the NanoDriver Series LED drivers also makes it possible to convert many conventional fixture designs to LEDs because the compact size enables integration into the fixture housing.

The small size and the NanoDriver Series ability to power luminaires up to 3,000 lumens, makes it possible to integrate the control circuitry with the external converter and makes it easier to add commercial lighting 0-10V controls, motion and daylight sensors, as well as integrating wireless control.

The NanoDriver Series LED drivers are available immediately from Seoul Semiconductor. For more about the 4kV surge design, visit:

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