Seoul Semiconductor SunLike LED Light Source Gets Eye Safety Certification

Seoul Semiconductor reported that its SunLike LED light source, received an RG-1 Eye Safety certification based on the safety of its light source. Also, the company said that its SunLike LED light source was recognized for the highest level of safety amongst 25W COB type LEDs. In Europe, Eye Safety certification is necessary and the light source must be rated higher than RG-3 level, otherwise, eyesight may be impaired if the light is stared at directly. At an RG-3 level or worse, a warning label is required on the finished product about eye safety.

The IEC 62471 is a testing and classification standard that details a method for appraising the relative photobiological safety of lamps, lamp systems, and other non-lamp sources of optical radiation. The method classifies the eye safety of light sources into risk groups.

Risk Group Risk
No Risk (Exempt) No photobiological- risk
RG 1 (Low Risk) No photobiological risk in normal daily life
RG 2 (Intermediate Risk) Doesn’t cause risk but feels unpleasant due to bright light or heat
RG 3 (High Risk) Dangerous even if a human is exposed to light instantaneously

SunLike was given the RG-1 grade in Eye Safety certification with its natural light LED, which utilizes the TRI-R technology from Toshiba Materials. The RG-1 grade is granted to lights with no biological risk, even if an entire lifetime were spend exposed to the light source. Seoul Semiconductor says that the RG-1 grade was the first ever for a 25W single light source widely used for commercial and residential lighting.

SunLike Said Ideal for both Eye Safety and Color Rendering

In addition to being safe for human eyes, Seoul Semiconductor contends that SunLike doesn’t cause the blurring problem that most other artificial light sources have.

Therefore, an object’s unique color comes out the best and the three-dimensional effect of the object’s appearance remains intact. Thanks to these features, Seoul expects that its SunLike LED light source will be widely applied in home, offices, schools, medical institutions, and also in commercial facilities, clothing retailers, museums, distribution stores, etc. which need to show the natural color and texture of the object.

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