Seoul Semiconductor Licenses Lumitech’s PI-LED Technology Patents

South Korean company, Seoul Semiconductor and Austrian company Lumitech, announced a licensing agreement for Lumitech’s PI-LED technology patents. These patents relate to Lumitech’s PI-LED technology, which can tune white LED light from 2.500 to 7.000K with high color rendering and high and constant efficiency. Under the terms of the licensing agreement, Seoul Semiconductor has the right to offer tunable white components based on the Lumitech’s PI-LED technology, worldwide.

Specifically, the patents describe manufacturing, and the use of blue, red, and specialty color-converted mint LEDs to create white light with correlated color temperatures ranging from 2,500 to 7,000K with high CRI and efficiency.

“This license agreement with Seoul Semiconductor, a profound and innovative leader in the world of LED, marks another license for our PI-LED technology. This, again, is evidence of the strength of the PI-LED patent family as well as the recognition of PI-LED technology as the premium technology in the Human Centric Lighting sector. We are delighted that we have successfully reached this agreement with Seoul Semiconductor, an agreement that will further help the Human Centric Lighting market to grow,” said Lumitech CEO Stefan Tasch.

“Seoul Semiconductor will apply PI-LED patent technology to the Bluetooth remote control of Smart lighting Acrich 3 and supply lighting manufacturers around the world. This will provide customers with a healthy and comfortable light,”Ki-bum Nam, CTO of Seoul Semiconductor, stated.

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