Samsung Releases D-series Special Color for Fashion, Meats and Vegeatibles

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., of Seoul, South Korea, introduced a new family of chip-on-board (COB) LED lighting packages, labeled the “Samsung D-series Special Color.” The company says it engineered the packages emphasize the most pleasing color tones of objects for which viewing is especially color-sensitive. This accurate color rendering and wide gamut make them perfect for numerous commercial lighting jobs.

Samsung D-series Special Color LED packages

Samsung D-series Special Color LED packages

The company employed spectrum engineering, to tune the color spectrums of the D-series to deliver exceptionally high color vividness. Samsung says it was able to do this spectrum tuning without using harmful ultraviolet (UV) lighting chips. According to the company, the LED packages offer a TM-30* Gamut Index (Rg) of over 110, a level that ensures lighting with outstanding color and whiteness.

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) developed the TM-30, which is a method for evaluating light source color rendition that incorporates numerous measures for quantify various aspects of color rendering, such as fidelity and gamut. The CRI measurement, one the other hand, which CIE developed, is a method for only evaluating color fidelity.

Today, to render almost as vivid color as that under sunlight, many LED lamps employ “near-UV” chips, which can damage the human eye and color pigments in clothing after repeated exposure. Another major drawback of using near-UV rays to display vivid colors is that the whites in the object being illuminated have to contain fluorescent brightening agents for accurate rendering.

One option for accurate rendering of all whites is using ceramic discharge metal-halide lamps that do not last nearly as long.

According to Samsung, the new D Series Special Color now offers lighting options for three of the most important segments of commercial goods whose display is highly color-sensitive, fashion (stylish clothing), meat, and vegetables.

In offering lighting for these three commercial segments, Samsung’s new D Series Special Color directly competes with Lumileds previously released Stylist Series of packaged LEDs. (Ref: Coverage), as well as Tridonic’s SLE LED modules for illuminating art, food, and fashion. (Ref: Coverage).  Unlike Tridonic’s SLE Series, so far, Samsung’s D-series Special Color does not include packages specifically for illuminating art.

Samsung Ran Preference Tests Among Various Demographic Groups Worldwide

Samsung says that it designed the D-series Special Color LED packages for each segment with the most effective mixture of phosphors and LED chips to illuminate what is being sold in the most appealing way. The company also said that to ascertain the most attractive color rendering and saturation levels from subjective perceptions, it ran thorough preference tests among several demographic groups worldwide.

“Our new ‘D-series Special Color’ brings much greater value to the commercial lighting industry, reaching far beyond the ordinary image-rendering benefits of LEDs,” said Jacob Tarn, executive vice president of the LED Business Team at Samsung Electronics. “We are determined to continue to be the leading innovator in LED component solutions that are not only outstanding in quality, but which also bring the most practical benefits to the ultimate user – consumers.”

The company says that these D-Series Special Color Packages generate from 13 to 33 watts of light emission from what the company claims to be the best mixture of LEDs and phosphors for each of the two commercial segments. Furthermore, Samsung says that the D-series Special Color packages come in the same sizes and shapes as the standard Samsung D-series to simplify retrofitting of existing luminaires.

The company points out that it has been mass producing its D-series Special Color since late last month so the LED packages are immediately available.

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