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Another Breakthrough from Veeco  - Lower Cost LEDs – Faster LED Adoption
AIX G5+ AIXTRON – GaN on Si 5x200mm
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CST Global to Develop Single Photon Stream LEDs For Future Network Security

CST Global, a UK-based wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holding AB and a III-V opto-electronic foundry, reported that the company is leading the gallium antimony/gallium arsenide (GaSb/GaAs) Quantum Ring Single Photon LED (QR_SPLED) project. The QR_SPLED project intends to mass-produce low-cost, single-photon LEDs (SPLEDs). The potential application for the technology is…

Heliospectra Gets Fifth Order From Fortune 500 AgTech Firm

Swedish LED grow light maker, Heliospectra AB, reported that the company received its fifth order from a Fortune 500 Global AgTech firm. The current purchase order includes Heliospectra's LX60 series industrial grow lights, which are compatible with the company's recently announced Cortex control software. [caption id="attachment_474599" align="alignleft" width="425"] Heliospectra -- LX60…

Bridgelux Refutes Everlight Patent Lawsuit

Bridgelux has come out with a news release that refutes the claims of the Everlight patent infringement lawsuit against the company in the United States. According to Bridgelux, its 2835 surface mount device (SMD) products incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide unprecedented performance at competitive prices. Furthermore, Bridgelux says that its…

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Sensor Feedback May Be the Answer to LED Degradation and Color Shift Over Time
LEDs gradually fade in intensity, and they also shift in color over time. How quickly their brightness declines and their color shifts depends on the LEDs and their operating environment. The…
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New Quantumbrite Flexible LED Backlight from Lumex Generates Cost Savings and New Opportunities for Brand Differentiation

Thin, flexible LED backlight is up to 88% thinner and 80% less expensive than standard backlight technologies Palatine, illinois USA – Lumex announces the global launch of their QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlight technology. Completely customizable in any shape, size, and color, QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlights are up to 88% thinner …

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