Once Innovations Adds Improved Power Factor Conditioning to AC-LED Based Lighting Line

Once Innovations, a Minnesota specialty LED lighting provider, has announced
that its product line is incorporating proprietary power conditioning to tackle
the issue of low power factor (PF) associated with AC-LED implementations. Once
claims that products using its selective current diversion (SCD) technology
have demonstrated dramatic improvements in efficiency, system luminous efficacy
and power quality, achieving system efficacies above 75 lumens per watt at 2950K
and 84 CRI, THD levels under 20%, and PF above 0.98. The design also allows
smooth, pseudo-linear dimming from 5-100%. Unlike other existing conditioning
technologies, Once states that its SCD boosts luminous efficacy by about 15%
over simple resistive circuits. SCD technology adds no appreciable EMI, thus
eliminating the need for filters or shielding.

Power factor is the ratio of power actually consumed in an electrical device to the power actually provided (apparent, or “complex” power) to it. Low power factors, and related harmonic distortions,
create inefficiencies in the electrical distribution system, either by requiring
additional delivery capacity that is not actually consumed, or through the need
to “recondition” electricity that is returned back through the grid.
Commerical facilities are often required to pay for the electrical capacity
that is actually delivered, rather than just that which is consumed and measured
by the meter, and increasing power factors is the key component in mitigating
those potential costs. Zdenko Grajcar, ONCE CTO, commented, “We do not
claim to have developed the most efficient solution, however, our SCD conditioning
technology has proven to be a very robust, compact, and a surprisingly affordable
solution – one that may enable AC LED lighting to meet the strict power
quality standards at the lowest possible cost. We plan to use the newly developed
and patent pending SCD conditioning technology in all ONCE products currently
in development, and to offer licensing options to major lighting and LED manufacturers.”

Once Innovations SCD
technology overview.

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