Oledcomm to Release MyLiFiPro, a LiFi System Using WISeKey Encryption

Swiss cybersecurity firm WISeKey International Holding Ltd, reported that Oledcomm, a LiFi specialist, chose WISeKey as its strategic Cybersecurity partner, to secure transmissions and ensure the safety of the ecosystems where its MyLiFiPro system will be set up. Oledcomm’s MyLiFiPro system offers an ultra-fast, wireless internet connection using LED light bulbs.
According to WISeKey, the system features maximum security, thanks to the foolproof encryption from WISeKey technology.

Oledcomm MyLiFiPro OLED desk lamp with LiFi and laptop with LiFi dongle

Oledcomm MyLiFiPro OLED desk lamp with LiFi and laptop with LiFi dongle

Oledcomm says that with its MyLiFiPro system, professionals finally can finally obtain network access with both the flow of wireless and the performance of wired network connections. Li-Fi technology for “Light Fidelity” utilizes LED light modulation for wireless connectivity to mobile and other networked devices. LiFi encodes and transmits data through the modulation of light signals from an LED light bulb.

Oledcomm System Boasts Tamper-proof Wireless Internet Access

During the process, which is invisible to the human eye, a dongle receives the light signals and converts them into data. The dongle connects to a device with USB-A or USB-C cables. According to the companies, MyLiFiPro by Oledcomm with the help of WISeKey technology, is the first professional device that offers tamper-proof wireless Internet via light with an unmatched level of security.

WISeKey IoT Security Framework Integrates VaultIC’s Hardware and Software

WISeKey created the first-ever comprehensive trusted end-to-end cybersecurity platform, thanks to a VaultIC’s hardware & software system certification. According to WISeKey, the vertical IoT security framework integrates VaultIC’s hardware & software system certification and security software tool with a user-friendly interface and an API that handles device life-cycles and their digital certificates.

WISeKey insists that its technology makes the system easy to implement and hard to attack, and the company says that the WISeKeyIoT framework offers security IoT solutions even when an IoT device is used in an unsecured environment, such as during production or in the field.

“Connection is permanent, but companies and professionals are constantly facing more and more security and confidentiality breaches,” said Benjamin Azoulay, CEO of Oledcomm. “We are delighted to team with WISeKey and use their cybersecurity IoT technology and experience to secure the MyLiFiPro. From now on, companies can have access to wireless connection with an unprecendented level of security.”

“Li-Fi is definitively an exciting technology breakthrough that promises a new future for global communications. At WISeKey, we aim to redefine new standards with an offering based on the best practices providing 360° security to connections and transmissions. Working with partners as technologically advanced as Oledcomm, is a true challenge and an additional source of motivation in developing innovative, efficient and tamper-proof solutions,” said Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey.

Oledcomm will begin offering MyLiFiPro beginning in July, and it plans to integrate new features.

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