Noribachi Introduces Full-Spectrum Grow Lights Developed at its Growlab

Noribachi, a Los Angeles-based LED lighting company, announced the launch of its full spectrum LED grow lights.
The company said it developed the grow lights at its Northern California growlab. This is not the company’s first introduction of grow light products. Previous products include RGB-LED based grow lights.

Noribachi says its LED technology expertise allows the company to design a wide variety of energy efficient grow lights that lower energy costs and maximize space and light output for urban farmers, commercial growers, and hobbyists. The initial product launch includes a range of warehouse grow lights as well as the DIY grow light kits that the company developed specifically in its growlab.

Noribachi Full Spectrum XL Warehouse Grow Light

Noribachi Full Spectrum XL Warehouse Grow Light

“This is a very exciting time for us,” said Russell Akiyama, Owner, Sunflower Farms. “Using innovative and efficient LED lighting and technology to assist in the growth cycle of flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables and more will allow a flexibility in production both in and out of season. We look forward to this capability enhancing our ability to service the many needs of our customers.” 

Noribachi Growlab

The Noribachi Growlab (NGL) serves as a testing ground for new products and smarter growing techniques. The company’s “Customer Grow” program invites customers to send plants with particular requirements to the NGL for testing. Based upon the tests of particular plants, Noribachi said it would design a customized fixture to optimize light output for maximum growth for each specific plant.

“We are already at the forefront of LED innovation, integration and optimal lighting,” said Franklin Dibachi, Director of Engineering, Noribachi. “It is a natural step for us to bring that innovation to the farming and horticulture industries.  As a showcase of our technology, we have started growing pumpkins in the lab that we will present at the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival in October.”

Family of Full Spectrum Grow Light Products

The highest power grow light of the full spectrum family is the XL Warehouse Grow Light. The 36” by 36” light includes four squares lights attached to each other for a total of 1,448.3 μmol/s PPF. Norbiachi created this grow light to be the equivalent of 2,200 to 2,600 Watt HPS or Metal Halide grow lights. Instead of using 2,200 to 2,600 watts, it consumes just 832 Watts. The XL Warehouse Grow Light has an incredible output of up to 116,688 lumens. The light boasts a typical efficiency of 140 lumens per watt.

Noribachi DIY Kit Full Spectrum Grow Light

Noribachi DIY Kit Full Spectrum Grow Light

Also among the new product offerings is the DIY Kit Grow Light, the least expensive of the new grow lights. The DIY Kit Features 252.9 μmol/s PPF. It consumes 143.7 watts and produces up to 17,819 lumens. The DIY kit is the equivalent of a 250-400Watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium grow light.

Noribachi full spectrum LED grow lights are available for direct purchase through The company produces all of its full spectrum products at its Los Angeles-area facility and ships them between 3 – 5 days from purchase. All Full Spectrum Noribachi LED grow lights carry a standard 5-year warranty with an optional 10-year warranty available.

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