Nike Creates LED Display-Lined Running Track for Interactive Running Workout

Nike has again taken the ancient sport of running into the high-tech world with the introduction of the world’s first LED display-lined running track in Manilla. Nike calls the temporary track Nike-Unlimited Stadium.


The track is shaped like a figure-eight to match the sole of its running shoe, Lunar Epic. The creation of the track is part of Nike’s new promotional campaign corresponding with the introduction of the new Lunar Epic running shoe. The 200-meter track measures half the length of a regular 400m running track. The track features low resolution LED display modules along its entire length.

Runners attach ultra precise RFID tags to their shoe which trace each runner during an initial lap as a base time. When you first get your RFID tag, you are asked to choose from a catalog of avatars. Then, if you continue running, the display uses an animation with the avatar you selected to show a full sized runner with the pace of your previous lap. The faster you go, the larger avatar gets.

The track can work with up to 30 runners at any given time. If a runner beats their previous record for the lap, the avatar will keep pace with them and act as a virtual pacer to provide a constant challenge.

While the promotional track is no longer open, I would hope someone from the sports world would see such an installation as a possible addition to a high-end health club in the not too distant future.

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