Micro-LED Display Startup VueReal Raises $10.5 Million and Collaborates with Veeco to Develop Mass Transfer Techniques

Micro-LED display startup VueReal of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, has raised $10.5 Million on initial closing of Series A Funding. The company also reported a collaboration with MOCVD equipment maker Veeco to help solve issues related to micro LED mass production and mass transfer for display fabrication.

VueReal says it will use the funding to expand its team and launch its advanced micro-device development and characterization center to accelerate the development of micro-LED technologies. Because of great interest from major display makers, VueReal intends to finalize the subsequent close of the Series A funding.

About ten months ago, the company revealed a 6000 pixel per inch two-color (black and white) micro-LED display prototype using the company’s Continuous PixelationTM technology (Ref. Coverage).

Mass Transfer Still an Issue

The display industry has seen the potential for micro-LED displays to compete with OLED displays. However, some technical hurdles remain. The industry has to perfect a method for placing thousands of micro-LEDs together at very high volumes (mass transfer) for individual small format displays and eventually larger format displays. So far, VueReal points out that such efforts for a mass transfer of micro-LEDs have resulted in low yield and high material costs. VueReal intends to use its collaboration with electronics mass production equipment maker Veeco to change this.

“Veeco has consistently proven technical superiority especially in the development of high-quality red, green and blue (RGB) epitaxy to meet device efficiency, uniformity and yield requirements for micro-LEDs,” explained Ajit Paranjpe, Ph.D., chief technology officer, Veeco Instruments Inc. “We are excited that our collaboration will accelerate the adoption of micro-LED displays.”

“We are inspired by the confidence placed in us by our investors as VueReal drives high-performance, super low-power micro-LED displays that are cost competitive with other technologies used in smartphones and mid-to-large-size display applications,” said Reza Chaji, Ph.D., CEO and founder of VueReal. “The significant cost reduction is the result of VueReal’s proprietary sub-10 micrometer, high-efficiency micro-LEDs, along with our patented mass transfer process.”

“On the technology front, we look forward to continuing our joint development work using Veeco’s expertise to provide technical breakthroughs that advance the micro-LED display industry,” added Dr. Chaji.

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