Mass Production of Filament LEDs Begins at Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor began mass producing filament LEDs in 38mm and 50mm sizes

Seoul Semiconductor announced that the company began mass producing its LED Chip-On-Board package for use in LED filament bulbs. The company says that its filament LEDs can be used in both globe bulbs and candle lamps.

Mr. Ki-bum Nam, CTO of Seoul Semiconductor, said, “Based on its strong patents, Seoul Semiconductor will continue to increase its market share in the filament LED bulb market, which is a blue ocean market estimated at $1.3 billion.” He added, “We will widely promote the superiority of Seoul Semiconductor’s LED technology with its filament LEDs.”

Seoul Semiconductor says its filament LEDs can achieve high-quality light close to natural light through differentiated Chip-On-Board (COB) packaging technology.

Additionally, the firm says that these LEDs can employ their omnidirectional emission technology to produce stunning lighting with both a small footprint and an extremely wide beam angle.

Specifics of the LEDs

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the filament LEDs is 80 or higher. The LEDs come with a range of outputs between 105 and 210 lumens. All versions of the filament LEDs feature a warm white Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2,700 K. This warm color temperature can be used to create a classical atmosphere in many spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, cafes, and hotels.

Seoul Semiconductor says that it began developing filament LEDs in the early 2000s. However, the company did not commence production until Seoul Semiconductor felt that the market was ready for filament bulbs.

Seoul Semiconductor points out that it now holds hundreds of patents for filament LEDs, covering chip production, COB-packaging as well as module and bulb manufacturing processes. Overall, Seoul says that its patent portfolio includes patents that cover all core technologies for manufacturing filament LED products and this strong IP protection extends to customers that use Seoul Semiconductor’s filament LEDs.

An official at Seoul Semiconductor stated, “We are readying legal actions, as many of the LED bulbs released in the market have infringed our proprietary technologies.”

The company produces these LEDs in lengths of 38mm and 50mm to meet the demands of a variety of lamp and bulb applications.

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