Luminus Releases Xtreme Sensus COB LED Array

Luminus Devices, Inc. announced volume availability of its new Xtreme Sensus chip-on-board (COB) LED array. Xtreme Sensus extends Luminus’ Generation 3 platform line of LEDs that provide the industry’s highest efficacy of 170+ lumens per watt (LPW) as well as output and selection of light emitting surface sizes from 6 – 32mm2.

According to the company, Xtreme Sensus gives retailers and visual merchandisers new options for creating atmospheres and illuminating displays that both engage and excite. The Xtreme Sensus building on the success of Sensus LED array and falls even further below the blackbody locus. The newly available array boasts an even brighter, ‘pure white’ light that has proven preferable in studies. An extended gamut area of greater than 130 results in vibrant, saturated colors that align with people’s expectations for visual correctness.

 Xtreme Sensus illumination (right)
Xtreme Sensus at both 3000K and 3500K below the blackbody locus

“Sensus, which we continue to offer, was like an upgrade from a box of 16 crayons to 32. Xtreme Sensus is like getting a box of 64 crayons,” said Tom Jory, VP of Illumination Marketing. “People simply see more colors, deeper colors, and greater contrast so that scenes and retail products are visually more dynamic and exciting.”

Luminus says that with Sensus and Xtreme Sensus, designers can more finely tune the experience they wish to create. Specifications for Xtreme Sensus are available here, and Xtreme Sensus is now available through Luminus’ global distribution network.

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