Luminus’ New LED Light Engine for Spot Lighting has Embedded Drive Electronics and IP65 Rating

Luminus Devices, Inc. announced today the availability of its new MD10 light engine. The MD10 is a fully contained single chip, high lumen density source designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. It is available in 800 and 1100 lumen output levels and color temperatures of 3000K and 4000K. 

The company says that in spot lighting applications, the MD10 can provide over 17,000 candelas into a 9 degree narrow spot beam angle. The MD10 also comes in a choice of other beam angles such as: medium, flood, wide flood, and elliptical. The integrated power conditioning reportedly allows 24VDC power input. The light source also has integrated 0-10V dimming. Luminus says that additionally, the light engine uses on-board smart controls for thermal protection to ensure long life and reliability.

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