Lumileds Introduces High-Density Version of COB Core Range

Lumileds has launched the Luxeon CoB Core Range High-Density arrays This new range of chip-on-board (CoB) LEDs boasts double the luminous flux of the Luxeon CoB Core Range (Gen 3) devices. The High-Density CoBs come with light emitting surface diameters of 6mm, 9mm, and 11mm to maximize center beam candlepower (CBCP, or punch) in narrow beam spotlights with emission angles of less than 20°.

Lumileds -- Luxeon Core Range High-Density arrays for spotlights

Lumileds — Luxeon Core Range High-Density arrays for spotlights

“Our customers require the sharpest beams and precise beam control. LUXEON CoB Core Range – High Density caters to this market by delivering the highest punch at low beam angles along with exceptional quality of light,” said Eric Senders, Product Line Director for the Luxeon CoB LEDs at Lumileds.

Light quality of the Lumileds High-Density Arrays

Lumileds bins the devices with a 3 step MacAdam Ellipse color definition. According to the company, the color differences within the beam are also minimized The Core Range differs from other LEDs used in spotlights. In many spotlights, the color over angle (CoA) of the LED is high, creating a so-called “halo effect” where a halo or yellowish ring around the spotlight is visible against a white background. However, the Luxeon CoB Core Range High-Density array minimizes the color differences within the beam, eliminating the halo effect.

Versions of the array at 80 CRI with a color temperature of 3000K delivers a maximum flux of 2,500lm from a 6 mm diameter LES, up to 5,000 lm from a 9 mm diameter LES, and a maximum of 6,000lm from an 11 mm diameter LES. Lumileds offers the arrays with a color temperature range of 2700K to 5700K and a choice of CRI of 70, 80, or 90.

Lumileds asserts that the CoBs offer the industry’s lowest thermal resistance, allowing smaller heat sinks and optics for lower overall system cost. The LEDs arrays use an MCPCB substrate that the company says is more robust than ceramic substrates that can crack during assembly or use.

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