Lumileds Introduces Fourth Generation Luxeon CoB LED Range

Lumileds of San Jose, California USA, introduced its fourth generation of chip-on-board (CoB) LEDs, the Luxeon CoB Core Range. The company claims that the Luxeon CoB Core Range leads the industry in both efficacy and light quality. Lumileds contends that the CoB Core Range provides 5% greater efficacy than the nearest competitors. Also, the company says that the LEDs with a high color rendering index still offer high efficacy.

Lumileds Fourth Generation CoB LEDs

Lumileds Fourth Generation CoB LEDs

“The goal of Lumileds is to address the industry-wide issue of the efficiency gap between 80 and 90CRI CoBs. With this new generation, we have limited this gap tremendously by increasing the 90CRI performance by 12% over the previous generation. In the past, there was a tradeoff between light quality and efficiency, but customers no longer need to make that sacrifice with these products,” said Eric Senders, Product Line Director for the Luxeon CoB Family.

Fourth Generation Luxeon CoB Offers Over 130 LPW at 90 CRI

Even at 90 CRI, the company says that the fourth generation CoB core range exceeds 130 lumens per watt (LPW) and 170 LPW at 70CRI.

Lumileds says that this high efficacy and with high CRI mostly result from the company’s phosphor development and engineering combined with precise process and production controls at the company’s manufacturing facilities.  Lumileds also says that due to these improvements in phosphors, design, and production the CoB LED they decreased the thermal resistance of the CoBs 25% further lessening the burden on heat sinks and allowing smaller system level optics. According to Lumileds, the result of the design and performance improvements is a fixture that can pairs exceptional fixture efficacy and light quality, with a smaller size.

The company will showcase the Luxeon CoB Core Range (Gen 4) at the upcoming Light + Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, March 18-23.

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