Lumileds Debuts 1,700 Lumen Single Die LED, the Luxeon V

Lumileds Luxeon V LED

Lumileds of San Jose, California USA, unveiled an LED with its highest flux density, the Luxeon V. According to the company, the 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm footprint Luxeon V uses the company’s new die and packaging technology allowing it to be driven harder than other LEDs in its class. At 5700K, 70 CRI, and 4.8 A the new LED produces more than 1,700 lms, 50% higher output than competing LEDs.

“Luxeon V enables fixture designs that were previously unattainable for stadium and area lighting, torch and other portables because of the unique combination of high efficacy at high drive current with extremely low thermal resistance and optimized radiation pattern,” said Kathleen Hartnett, senior director, product marketing at Lumileds.

The LEDs use the company’s Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS) Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) technology. This PSS CSP technology enables high efficacy at high drive currents, higher max drive current, and higher lumen density (lm/mm2).

Luxeon V Performance

The nominal drive current of the LEDs is 1.4 A, and the LEDs can be driven at up to 4.8 A, 60% higher than competing emitters. The Luxeon V boasts the lowest thermal resistance of just 0.8 K/W, allowing designers to use smaller heat sinks for more compact fixtures. Luxeon V LEDs have a standard 3-stripe footprint that the company created for ease of design and assembly. The LEDs come in a range of CCTs including 3000K to 6500K. The forward voltage of the LED ranges from a 2.65 minimum to 3.2 maximum. The LED can operate at up to 135°C.

The company designed the LED for stadium, high and low bay, and outdoor lights. More information about the LEDs can be found at:

Luxeon Color